Nunataryuk-WP4-Eastern Sector, August 1-4, 2019

On Highway 10 from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk, Guislain, Édouard and Joannie drive on the newly opened road built on the permafrost.

Nunataryuk-WP4- Microbes in the Canadian Arctic

This organic matter, mainly of terrigenous origin, comes in part from the thawing of permafrost caused by global warming, which is particularly intense in the Arctic.

Nunataryuk-WP4 - Expedition 3 Western Sector July 21-31, 2019

A short break in Quebec City for scientists before flying again to Inuvik, this time with an almost entirely new crew.

Nunataryuk-WP4-Mud from Space

Well, this title is a bit of a short cut to describe the satellite activities, but it summarises it all.

Herschel Island Expedition 2019 – Blog Post 4

The Zodiac approaches the beach in the morning hours. It is heavily loaded.

Peel River- 5th Weekly Report, August 4, 2019

During our fifth week, we followed the Peel River on its way through great walls of loose sedimentary rock and out onto the Peel Plateau, where our river journey ended.

Peel River 2019, Canada 4th Weekly Report July 14, 2019

Our fourth week started out with two days of hard slogging, carrying boats and sampling and camping gear five km around Aberdeen Canyon

Peel River- 3rd Weekly Report July 21, 2019

The third week began with a drive up from Whitehorse with new participants.

Komakuk Summer Expedition 2019

The terrestrial Permafrost team has arrived in Inuvik on Tuesday the 29th of July.

Herschel Island Expedition 2019 – Blog Post 3

We are aware that weather conditions may change rapidly in the Arctic. However, even the experienced polar scientists were fascinated by the fast changes today.

Herschel Island Expedition 2019 – Blog Post 2

A glorious week of sunshine, low winds and calm waters have allowed us to ease into island lifestyle, become familiar with camp and start our sampling campaigns.

Herschel Island Expedition 2019 – Blog Post 1

Several thousand kilometers and a few hiccups later, we are happy to announce that the Herschel Island summer expedition team of 2019 arrived safely in Inuvik on Monday 22nd July.

Peel River- 2nd Weekly Report July 14, 2019

After leaving the boat crew on the Blackstone River, Frederieke and Paul drove north along the Dempster Highway to sample rivers flowing into the Peel River.

Peel River expedition, Canada- 1st Weekly Report July 7, 2019

On this expedition we want to find out what this means for the river water that flows from permafrost regions to the Arctic Ocean.

Sampling from Helicopter in the western Mackenzie Delta - second Nunataryuk/WP4 expedition

After long preparations, the helicopter expedition is finally starting for real.