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Most human activity in the Arctic takes place along permafrost coasts. Climate change and permafrost thaw are exposing these coasts to rapid change, change that threatens the rich biodiversity, puts pressure on communities and contributes to the vulnerability of the global climate system.

We are studying:

  • what happens to the fluxes and organic matter released from thawing coastal and subsea permafrost
  • what risks are posed by thawing coastal permafrost to infrastructure, indigenous and local communities and people’s health
  • what are the long-term impacts of permafrost thaw on global climate and the economy

NUNATARYUK is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project.

Arctic Permafrost Atlas

The Arctic Permafrost Atlas, a key output of Nunataryuk project, will showcase the research, data, and knowledge about permafrost across the Arctic. As an interdisciplinary publication, it will focus on the changes taking place in the permafrost regions and people whose lives revolve around permafrost and explore strategies they can use to adapt to permafrost thaw. 



Our scientists blog from their field expeditions.
Read their blogs here >


We publish our results in peer-reviewed open access journals. See our result highlights here >


We create maps to illustrate some of our results. See our map collection here >


Nunataryuk supports "Permafrost on all channels" -
An international collaboration between artists, communicators and permafrost scientist