Arctic Permafrost atlas is now out

Arctic Permafrost atlas is now out

The Arctic Permafrost atlas is the key outcome of the Nunataryuk project. It is an attempt to translate and consolidate the available knowledge on permafrost.

It is a timely book suffused with the compelling enthusiasm of its authors and contributors. Over hundred individuals participated in its making, and it does a magnificent job at describing permafrost with maps, words, art, and stories.

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Far from being an academic product in the traditional sense, it gathers the knowledge from the voices of scientists, Indigenous Peoples, northern residents, and local practitioners to provide a holistic and inclusive view of today’s challenges in the “country of permafrost”.

The atlas is currently been highlighted in an exhibition "Permafrost Matters - Time to React" at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik. The maps, graphics and not least the art created for this atlas is unique and perhaps the first time that permafrost is presented with such a variety of methods.

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Read a news article on the atlas at Grid Arendal website here.

Download the draft PDF version of the atlas here.


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