WP7 - Natural Resources, Economy and Coastal Community Planning

Ecosystem services will be affected by permafrost thaw. The quantity of the impact and the way the communities perceive the change are central to efficient natural resource management.


WP7’s aims are to create new datasets on the socio-economical status of the Arctic coastal zone, including the growth of new opportunities associated with climate change and to develop a framework for natural resource management affected by permafrost thaw.

The specific objectives of WP7 are:
- O7.1: Establish a permafrost-thawing relevant socioeconomic georeferenced dataset.
- O7.2: Develop a framework for natural resource management affected by permafrost thawing. This framework will integrate three core domains – institutional, conceptual and policy tools and implementation.
- O7.3: Analyse ecosystem services and provide economic quantification.
- O7.4: Develop and apply protocols for collecting community and traditional knowledge.
- O7.5: Develop ground tested social and economic impact quantification and qualification protocols and tools geared at coastal communities facing changes in the eco-system due to permafrost thawing.
- O7.6: Engage young people for impact assessments of the future of the coastal communities and opportunities for SME development, entrepreneurship, educational opportunities and youth involvement.

WP Coordination

Tim Heleniak





Dr. Timothy Heleniak, NORDREGIO, Sweden

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Description of deliverables

D7.1 Data survey on all Arctic coastal communities and associated referencebaseline database (NORDREGIO) - Month 8
D7.2 Socio-economic atlas of Arctic coastal communities and associated reference baseline database (NORDREGIO) – Month 15
D7.3 Synthesis report: Good practice in identifying Eco-system services at the Arctic Coast including identifying impacts on resource based economies (NORDREGIO, KQ, UOULU) – Month 24
D7.4 Report on the social construction of permafrost thawing including economic impact, within Arctic coastal communities: a qualitative and quantitative analytical framework (NORDREGIO, KQ, UOULU) - Month 30
D7.5 Report on permafrost thawing, natural resource based economy, and Arctic coastal communities' ability to face the associated risks: an integrated strategic framework (NORDREGIO, UVSQ) – Month 42