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Informus GmbH (INF) is a Berlin-based SME founded in 1999, providing scientific and technical consulting services for marine, atmospheric and land-based environmental applications. Our clients include public and private sector organizations with a wide range of service needs, including:
• Analysis of user requirements in the context of environmental regulations and subsequent development of specifically tailored solution strategies.
• Development of IT systems to support acquisition, processing and management of complex environmental data such as from oceanic or atmospheric monitoring networks.
• Application of numerical modelling and remote sensing techniques to support the environmental assessment of freshwater and marine ecosystems.
• In-situ monitoring and remote sensing of rivers, streams and lake shores, for example in the context of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).
• Preparation and execution of small to medium sized R&D projects in a national or international context.

INFORMUS disposes of the competences required for the proposed work, as demonstrated by its participation to the following activities:
• INFORMUS is operating the “Satellite-based Information System for Coastal Areas and Lakes” (SISCAL), operationally providing Earth observation based information products on water quality parameters, specifically tailored to individual customer’s needs (since 2005).
• For the private sector, INFORMUS has conducted a number of studies assessing the occurrence and possible impact of potentially harmful marine events (such as algae blooms, mass jellyfish occurrence or severe weather) on potential sites for desalination plants worldwide (since 2007).
• For EUMETSAT, INFORMUS has carried out the study “Benefits of Oceanography Measurements” (2010-2011) to analyse the current and anticipated future uptake of space- borne marine observations by European meteorological services, contributing such to shaping EUMETSAT’s future marine observation strategy.
• In the context of the EU-funded project “Sustainable Use of Baltic Marine Resources” (SUBMARINER, 2010-2013), INFORMUS assessed the environmental impact of new uses of marine resources in the Baltic Sea and was a major contributor to the “SUBMARINER Compendium”, an assessment of innovative and sustainable uses of Baltic marine resources, and the “SUBMARINER Roadmap - Towards blue-green economy in the Baltic Sea”.
• On behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), INF is leading (since 2003) the development and maintenance of the “Data Acquisition and Quality Assurance System” (DAQAS) to support Germany’s contribution to WMO’s Global Atmosphere Watch programme.

Main tasks in the project

INFORMUS will be involved in WP4. It will mainly contribute to the planning of the helicopter campaigns and the processing of the acquired in situ optical data.


Informus staff involved in Nunataryuk


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