New publication out in Nature Reviews on how to redraw permafrost outreach

The transdisciplinary outreach project Frozen-Ground Cartoons (FGC) makes permafrost science accessible and fun for children, their parents and teachers around the globe.

The Frozen-Ground Cartoons (FGC) project was born in 2015–2016 with the aim of connecting arts and science along visual, narrative and metaphoric axes. The authors wanted to make permafrost research accessible and fun, and thereby engage readers and communicate the relevance of the discipline in the global context.

Frozen Ground in Nature reviews

Since its launch in 2017, the website has had about 32,500 views from 11,500 visitors and 120 countries, including some with less active permafrost research programmes (for example Italy, India, Brazil and South Africa).

You can read the Nature Reviews article in here and go and take a look at the Cartoon project yourself in here.