Are you the artist we are looking for ?

Are you the artist we are looking for ?

In addition to conducting scientific research, NUNATARYUK is creating the first-ever Atlas of Arctic Permafrost. The Atlas will be a collection of original and never before featured maps and graphics by Levi Westerveld, a prize-winning cartographer. The atlas will also include portraits that will give insight to the life and work on permafrost in order to help convey the message that permafrost thawing is not only something that is being studied by scientists but effects people living on permafrost, and in particular Indigenous Peoples who have been living in harmony with permafrost. Therefore, the project is looking to feature the work of a talented young artist and/or graphic designer to accompany these portraits.

What exactly is GridA looking for?

A set of 9 artistic illustrations, drawing inspiration from life on permafrost in the Arctic. Grid Arendal is preferably looking for a talented young artist that has first-hand experience from living on Arctic permafrost and especially encourage Indigenous artists to apply.

The illustrations should complement the style of the Atlas and we encourage to keep the design minimalistic and using only a few colours. The pieces do not have to be for exclusive use of the Atlas, and already published pieces are welcomed.

Interesting? Read more on the job offer on the GridA website here.