Nunataryuk will develop a multi-level Communication and Dissemination Strategy during the first 6 months of the project in order to achieve maximum impact of its results. Dissemination will be part of all WPs, but is specifically addressed in WP10. It will be primarily managed by GRIDA, AP, AWI, CNRS and APECS , but with strong linkages to all WPs and partners. Nunataryuk will work together with the EU Arctic Cluster projects, funded under Horizon 2020, to achieve maximum impact in communicating and disseminating results.

The Communication and Dissemination Strategy of Nunataryuk will be based on a series of actions strategically targeted towards the projects stakeholders, the EU entities as well as the general public and media. The Strategy will further lay the framework and mechanisms needed to ensure smooth coordination of internal communication. It will identify the key messages and information that should be communicated to the respective audiences, the most suitable tools, products and media platforms needed to package and deliver this information, as well as the most appropriate point in space and time for their release.



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